Intercultural management training

A guide to working in a Belgian/multicultural environment


Who should attend?

  • Foreign employees arriving in Belgium;
  • Belgian & foreign employees working in or leading a multicultural team
  • Short term assignees; commuters; students; ...


Tailor made to the needs of the group and to the international environment where employees work in, country specific.
Some topics out of the scope:

  • Understand culture shock and how to deal with it
  • Cultural Intelligence CQ and Cultural dimensions related to business
  • Remove some barriers due to cultural differences
  • Understand and recognize cultural differences in communication styles, time orientation, problem solving, negotiation,..
  • Country specific comparisons : become familiar with the countries’ identity, do’s and don’ts, values and attitudes
  • Learn to adapt your work style & communication in order to achieve successful cooperation
  • Practical guidelines and tips working in or leading a multicultural team
  • Welcome and inform new employees from abroad to Belgium
  • Get to know the country, some history, Belgian economy, facts and figures
  • Become familiar with the Belgian identity, the people, their values & their habits

Set-up & Methodology

  • Tailor made planning, upto 1 day training, customizable to client’s needs
  • Lively presentation, based on experience and profound research, alternating with interactive discussions, information sharing
  • Personalized approach, small groups or individual coaching
  • Inclusive hand-outs, Be Welcome’s favourites, tourist information,...